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Old Post Cemetery- Keith Herkalo Presentation on September 10, 2020 Memorial Service

The Narrative of the Royal Halberdier by Roy Carter

"One Drink Too Many" article by Benjamin Pomerance

1814 Commemoration Inc. presented the
"2020 Battle of Plattsburgh Virtual Commemoration"

This year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we will be held a "Virtual Commemoration" with events and presentations being offered online and Broadcast TV with the help of Mountain Lake PBS Television.

We are always in search of volunteers, sponsorships and donations. Please consider joining us.

Explore the many videos on this website and learn more about this important and relatively unknown chapter in American History.

All events subject to CDC and New York Covid-19 Restrictions. 
Masks must be worn and social distancing maintained. 
Memorial sites will have limited admission on a first-come basis. 
There is no charge to attend Memorial Events.

A Letter from Tom Donahue, President of 1814 Commemoration Inc.

A Letter from Colin Read, Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh

A Letter from Michael Cashman, Supervisor of the Town of Plattsburgh

Comments from the Past