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The Jane Claffey 1814 Art Awards Poster Contest Winners Announced

Download a PDF of all of the 2021 Entries

Download a PDF of all of the 2021 Entries

Button & Poster Gallery

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NYSATA Region 5 has partnered with the 1814 Commemoration Inc. for the 2021 Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration Poster Contest.

The contest started in 1998 and has taken place each year, with the exception of 2020.


● Student is currently enrolled in 5th grade in Clinton or Essex counties.


● 1st Place $100.00 and poster will be used to make the annual souvenir "button".

● 2nd Place $ 75.00

● 3rd Place $ 50.00

● 4th Place $ 25.00

● The winners will be announced before the end of the school year and the prizes will be awarded at a Press Conference that will be held by the office of the Mayor of Plattsburgh.

● The four winners will be invited to ride in the annual commemoration parade as special guests.

Poster instructions

Entry form: Battle of Plattsburgh Poster Contest

● The words "The Battle of Plattsburgh" and student name should NOT be included in the poster. The winning poster will be made into a button, and “Battle of Plattsburgh” along with the artist’s name will be printed.

● On the back of the artwork, please include

○ Student name

○ School and grade

○ Date

○ Medium

○ Art teacher name and contact information

● 1814 Commemoration Inc. would like to keep the winning posters. However, if the artist would like a copy of the artwork it will be provided. All winning posters will be kept in historical archives and be part of an annual exhibit that will take place during the Commemoration.

○ The posters can be picked up or dropped off at a specified location in Plattsburgh TBD.

Poster Guidelines

● Artwork should be completed on 12x18” paper within an 11” circle.

● Please do not cut the circle out of the paper.

● Any media that can be photographed is acceptable. Please use your discretion to assist students with their choice of medium.

● Please encourage students to avoid strictly battle scenes and focus more on the living history aspect of the Battle of Plattsburgh.


● Refer to 1814 Commemoration Inc to access information, stories, music, and videos to assist students with historical information. All information on the website is appropriate for students. The subject is The War of 1814 and the battles that took place in the Champlain Valley and on Lake Champlain, in particular the naval battle on September 11, 1814. Also, students might be confused by the conflict being called the War of 1812 when the Battle of Plattsburgh took place in 1814. The War of 1812 ended shortly after the Battle of Plattsburgh and an agreement, called "The Treaty of Ghent" was signed in late December 1814 which officially ended the war. The border between Canada and the United States remained the same and the British Military returned to Canada and England.

● Local reenactors and historians are available. If you would like to schedule a virtual visit with one of the reenactors or a local historian, Email 1814Inc. They will need sufficient notice to make the arrangements.

Questions regarding the poster may be directed to NYSATA Region 5

Questions regarding historical content may be directed to Linda Masterson Ward

Download These Rules 


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