07 May 2020


Press Release

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Tom Donahue, President 
1814 Commemoration Inc.

1814 Commemoration Inc.

For immediate release: 

New non-profit set to take over Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration.

Plattsburgh, NY. May 7, 2020 

1814 Commemoration Inc. today announced the launch of their new non profit organization dedicated to "the planning and production of  commemorative events and activities that enhance the awareness and knowledge of the historical  military and civilian events that occured in the Champlain Valley in 1814". The Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration is one of those events and although the traditional 2020 Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration has been cancelled the new organization is planning a non-traditional event. 

1814 Commemoration Inc., a 501(c) 3 not for profit corporation, was created by a dedicated group of long time Battle of Plattsburgh volunteers. In early December the volunteers were notified by the City of Plattsburgh that the City would no longer be able to present the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration. Not wanting the historic significance of the annual commemoration to be lost, 1814 Commemoration Inc.was formed. The new organization will be able to raise the funds needed for the continuation of the Battle of Plattsburgh  Commemoration and other events in the Plattsburgh and surrounding areas. The non profit designation will allow greater latitude in fundraising and sponsorship procurement  thereby enhancing the ability of the volunteer group to present the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration this year and for many years to come.

This year, 1814 Commemoration Inc. has some different and exciting plans for the Battle of Plattsburgh  Commemoration. Depending on Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, we are pursuing commemoration events both public and through the use of social media. Throughout the summer leading up to September 11th, we plan to make available, on social media sites, videos of past events with  interviews from Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration participants, historical talks on Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration related subjects and contests for both children and adults. We will also be partnering with local TV and radio to air documentaries, movies and interviews related to the battle. We will have dedications and remembrances on September 11th at historic sites throughout the north country. We hope to work in partnership with the City of Plattsburgh on these and a variety of new and exciting ideas to keep the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration an important historic event in our community.

For more information and updates on events follow us on Facebook  @ 1814 Commemoration Inc. 

Any businesses, groups, individuals and volunteers who are interested in supporting 1814 Commemoration Inc. efforts to present the 2020  Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration should contact Tom Donahue  (contact information listed above).


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